About RDS

RDS group as a leader in construction industry takes pride in exuding the virtues of quality and timely completion of projects, which have helped it earn the goodwill of its clientele and stakeholders. Started in 1968 and driven by its leaders with vision and strong entrepreneurial spirit, the company diversified into various fields of construction. Its housing wing was started in 1992 and has completed a number of prestigious projects. A separate company named RDS Realties was formed in 2008 to manage its realties division.

Our Motto

Our motto ” In pursuit of perfection… ” says it all. We understand that while perfection is hard to attain in any domain, we strive to achieve the best possible. We believe in designing buildings that soothe the mind and spirits. Our properties are equipped with ultramodern facilities to overcome stress of the fast paced modern environments.

Our apartments offer following unique advantages:

  • Aesthetics for elegant and quality living that gratify and soothe the senses in all dimensions.
  • Natural lighting and ventilation that penetrate and infuse every nook and corner in the house.
  • Ultramodern amenities to propagate and maintain a contemporary lifestyle.
  • A healthy environment and surroundings that promote green living to help us play our part in sustaining our Mother Earth.
  • Effortless access to services and facilities for easy maintenance.
  • Meeting of all deadlines in a timely fashion due to maximum mechanization of the work involved.

Our Clients

Inspiration can come from any quarter , but meeting the rigorous demands of our clients and creating long term relationship is the biggest inspiration for us. Their words of appreciation have been our best publicity and unique selling point . Our endeavor has been to fulfill the dreams of our clients with impeccable quality , timely delivery and modern amenities.


Our vision is to provide “value for money” for our clients by benchmarking best practices and highest levels of quality control . we do not take the mantle of being pioneers in the real estate industry of Kerala lightly.
Our parent company with its vast experience, takes upon itself, the onus to assure and ensure the latest technology, superior quality and on-time delivery as a part and and parcel of every project it undertakes. For this we do not depend much on a contractor. All this we believe, builds up our rapport with our clients to the extent where the concept of brand loyalty comes in. As a result, we have repeat clients and many who come to us through referrals.


Our commitment to our end product clearly signifies that we believe quality is more important than quantity. Therefore, we make it a point to take up only a specific number of realty projects at a time, upon which our top management can stamp their personal and professional imprint.
Our Directors consist of professional engineers and builders with decades of experience under their belt. Our senior techno-crats continue to be with us since the inception of our realty business. This emphatically proves the dedication of our core team to our business. And therein lies our supreme confidence and assurance in the quality we promise you in all our endeavours.